About Us


I started out with the idea of launching a hobby podcast in the winter of 2017. I loved it so much that I worked with Ben to start another podcast together. Now, I host and produce two podcasts and produce two others. I am passionate about my beard and my family, not necessarily in that order.


I’ve listened to podcasts for many years, and then I met Jason when he was looking to get a podcast started. I joined him at the ground level and together we have built two successful podcasts. The thing I enjoy most about podcasting is the relationships that are formed among listeners, hosts, and guests. Podcasting has opened many doors in my life, and I’m stoked about helping you experience the same joy!


I have known about podcasts for a long time, but before I joined Jason & Ben, I honestly never listened to them much. Now I regularly follow several podcasts, and I co-host one with Jason.